Artisan Bread

…in Five Minutes a Day.*

Both loaves...

Both loaves...

I checked out the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book because everyone was raving about it.  I won’t go into detail, but I will say that I have baked THREE loaves of bread today.  Well baked one, and two are waiting to go in.  I’m working with the master recipe, but I have a few questions and concerns.

  1. Was I supposed to only get three loaves of bread out of the master batch?
  2. Why was all the salt and yeast sitting in a corner of my bucket? I’m so confused.  The loaf that had most of that gunk is pictured with the cross carving…or scoring or whatever they’re called!
  3. Did anyone else almost singe off their eyebrows trying to put the water in the broiler pan?
  4. My oven heats to 450°C in less than 20 minutes.  Maybe that’s why the water is trying to jump back out of the broiler pan…
Soggy Middle... Is this ok?

Soggy Middle... Is this ok?

In about 30 minutes my bread will be done, and I’ll finally have a batch that I can taste for myself.  I did get to hear the previous loaf crackle as it cooled on the wire-rack.  That was pretty satisfying if I must say so myself.  I’m going to take the second loaf in to my lab and get some unbiased opinions.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

* and yes I know that one loaf looks like its guts are leaking.  I’m an amateur – give me a break.  I’m hoping that they will get better with time.

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