The Flying Biscuit

Today I had brunch at The Flying Biscuit in Cameron Village. When my friend suggested this place, I replied “never heard of it.” Then I thought back… and sure enough – I had heard of it. This was the same place The Amateur Gourmet often referenced. We have one here in Raleigh?! Who knew?

I already had the stinky face because there was a ~45 minute wait for a table.  This food better be good I thought to myself. I had the High Flyer with creamy grits and one pancake.  I couldn’t even get through my entire meal.  The biscuit was very very tasty along with apple butter that was to die for.  No seriously, it makes me want to drive to the Farmer’s Market for the good stuff right now!  The grits were excellent.  Being a Southern girl, I know that everyone cannot make good grits.  These grits were di-vine!  They were so creamy!  I would go back just for a biscuit and grits with nothing else.

I give this place 4 1/2 stars.  They could use some more seating.  And there was one person practically yelling at her table throughout the entire meal (that’s not the Flying Biscuit’s fault though).  I will definitley be going back.

Now if only I could get my biscuits to rise that high…

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