Wildberry Cafe

Today I found myself outside shoveling a foot of snow.  I get excited about 1 inch of snow, so you could imagine how overjoyed I was about 12.

I’ll try to add some pictures later, but everything looks washed out.  That’s why I need a new camera.  Feel free to buy me one if you have some extra cash.

So after a long 1 hour of shoveling and snow blowing, we cleared our driveway and our neighbor’s too.  We worked up quite the appetite.  My uncle suggested one of his favorite little places for breakfast.  We arrive at Wildberry Cafe, and I just know I’ll love it.  There’s snow all around and employees are clearing the parking lot as we enter.

There’s a bakery and coffee bar on the right as you enter.  We wait for the hostess to seat us and I ordered a hazelnut latte with soymilk.  Excellent choice – it was tasty.  My uncle orders the Pecan Belgian Waffles, and Tee (our neighbor) get a custom creation omlette.  There were so many things I wanted to try, but I settled on the Mexicana Sizzlin’ Skillet.  I have hashbrowns with cheddar and monterey jack cheese topped with chorizo, cilantro, jalapenos, onions, advacado, and two scrambled eggs.  I had the option of pancakes or toast.  Who can eat pancakes with that much as the main entree?  Plus, I was swayed to order the toast so  I could taste the homemade wildberry preserves.  I must say, there was a generous amount of food.  I’ve been known to tuck food into the unknown, but I could not finish my meal!  The Wildberry preserves were so tasty – definitely worthy of the restaurants name.

I forgot to take photos, but if we go back to Libertyville, I’ll try to get a shot of the outside.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. I think I have just decided to post what I want and I’ll tell them later, much later….

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