Chocolate Raspberry Cake

I am so behind on this post.  There’s no excuse for this.

Actually there is – I am addicted to the Olympics.  They only come once every four years (2 if you include the Winter Olympics).  How can I not tune in?  

I was following James Blake.  Oh, Fernando Rodriguez, how you disappoint me.  Maybe Blake can grab the bronze.  Michael Phelps is a merman – the end.  Women’s Volleyball?  Love it!!  I have a couple favorites, but I’m proud of all of them!  The game against China was intense – I was sweating bullets!

So the recipe for this cake is from Nicole over at Baking Bites.  I loved the recipe, it was really easy.  However, I didn’t add as much water as the recipe calls for.  My batter started looking way too runny.  I used frozen raspberries, and per her advice I didn’t let them thaw.  Let me say – the cake was awesome.  Everyone loved it.  And we made a raspberry sauce of frozen raspberries, sugar, a little water to thin it out, and Grand Marnier.  Yum!

All the photos were taken by Morgan.  She has lots more photos on her page, so check them out!

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