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Chocolate Raspberry Cake

I am so behind on this post.  There’s no excuse for this.

Actually there is – I am addicted to the Olympics.  They only come once every four years (2 if you include the Winter Olympics).  How can I not tune in?  

I was following James Blake.  Oh, Fernando Rodriguez, how you disappoint me.  Maybe Blake can grab the bronze.  Michael Phelps is a merman – the end.  Women’s Volleyball?  Love it!!  I have a couple favorites, but I’m proud of all of them!  The game against China was intense – I was sweating bullets!

So the recipe for this cake is from Nicole over at Baking Bites.  I loved the recipe, it was really easy.  However, I didn’t add as much water as the recipe calls for.  My batter started looking way too runny.  I used frozen raspberries, and per her advice I didn’t let them thaw.  Let me say – the cake was awesome.  Everyone loved it.  And we made a raspberry sauce of frozen raspberries, sugar, a little water to thin it out, and Grand Marnier.  Yum!

All the photos were taken by Morgan.  She has lots more photos on her page, so check them out!

Wax On, Wax Off.

Today my friend Alex came by my lab, where I was busy looking busy after a way too heavy lunch.  She told me about her birthday (Happy Belated!) and then we started talking about what she had for dinner last night.

Turkey deli meat, turkey stuffing, and instant mashed potatoes. ::Insert jaw drop::

Alex immediately made my heart cry when she replied, “It was all microwaveable.”  So I asked her if she liked to cook? Did she know my heart’s passion was cooking?  She says she figured as much, and afterall she can cook macaroni and cheese.  I leaned in for her version of macaroni and cheese when she dropped the bomb – “from the box.”

::Blank stare:: ::Samurai style death::


Needless to say, I now have a new category. Alex.  Tune in for my cooking updates.  We will transform Alex in the kitchen.

"But I know how to cook"

"But I know how to cook"

Summer Rolls

A couple of days ago I picked up some Egg Roll Wrappers at the grocery store. I thought, “meh…I can probably make my own eggrolls.” So, today I grated/shredded some red cabbage, red onion, and carrots. I mixed it with some ground turkey which was nice and spicy – I cooked it to make some queso, but I was invited to dinner before I could complete the meal. Either way, I mixed those ingredients with a dash of soy sauce, a sprinkle of ginger, and a smidgen of garlic powder. Whala! The filling for my eggrolls.




Then I had another novel idea. What about a summer roll? You know how eggrolls without meat are spring rolls? Well, I would make summer rolls. I allowed a brick of cream cheese to soften, added 1/2 cup of sugar and some vanilla extract. Maybe the sliced strawberries from earlier and a peach I picked up at the farmer’s market this morning? Sprinkle some ground cinnamon and nutmeg? Excellent! Cream cheese + diced fruit? Tasty filling for my summer rolls! Check the pictures if you don’t believe me. Also, nevermind my crazy chipped fingernail polish. I promise there is no polish in the Summer Rolls.



Red onion, Red cabbage, ground turkey, shredded carrot

Red onion, Red cabbage, ground turkey, shredded carrot


Summer Roll

Summer Roll