Artisan Bread

…in Five Minutes a Day.*

Both loaves...

Both loaves...

I checked out the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book because everyone was raving about it.  I won’t go into detail, but I will say that I have baked THREE loaves of bread today.  Well baked one, and two are waiting to go in.  I’m working with the master recipe, but I have a few questions and concerns.

  1. Was I supposed to only get three loaves of bread out of the master batch?
  2. Why was all the salt and yeast sitting in a corner of my bucket? I’m so confused.  The loaf that had most of that gunk is pictured with the cross carving…or scoring or whatever they’re called!
  3. Did anyone else almost singe off their eyebrows trying to put the water in the broiler pan?
  4. My oven heats to 450°C in less than 20 minutes.  Maybe that’s why the water is trying to jump back out of the broiler pan…
Soggy Middle... Is this ok?

Soggy Middle... Is this ok?

In about 30 minutes my bread will be done, and I’ll finally have a batch that I can taste for myself.  I did get to hear the previous loaf crackle as it cooled on the wire-rack.  That was pretty satisfying if I must say so myself.  I’m going to take the second loaf in to my lab and get some unbiased opinions.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

* and yes I know that one loaf looks like its guts are leaking.  I’m an amateur – give me a break.  I’m hoping that they will get better with time.

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

If you know me, you know I don’t really like chocolate.

However, one of my labmates took her pre-prelim today, and that’s cause for celebration in my book.

I don’t know if I’ve said before, but I’ll say it now: I love petebakes! I have tried lots of stuff there – and I’m slowing making my way through the entire website.  For a while I’ve been making the breads Pete lists: including the apple and banana bread.  Normally I don’t add chocolate chips, but I know the person it was for enjoys chocolate soo….

The recipe is after the jump…

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I’m thinking about upgrading….

I simply cannot do what I want on this blog and it makes me angry.


There’s a giveaway over at Doughmesstic’s blog.  It’s in celebration of pie day and, it’s an Emile Henry pie dish.  Get over there and try to win it!

Arby’s Roastburger

Now, normally I wouldn’t champion eating at Arby’s, but I just got a link that let’s you try a free roast burger with the purchase of a softdrink.  Seeing how I’m all about Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper, I thought I’d pass it along to you guys.


The Flying Biscuit

Today I had brunch at The Flying Biscuit in Cameron Village. When my friend suggested this place, I replied “never heard of it.” Then I thought back… and sure enough – I had heard of it. This was the same place The Amateur Gourmet often referenced. We have one here in Raleigh?! Who knew?

I already had the stinky face because there was a ~45 minute wait for a table.  This food better be good I thought to myself. I had the High Flyer with creamy grits and one pancake.  I couldn’t even get through my entire meal.  The biscuit was very very tasty along with apple butter that was to die for.  No seriously, it makes me want to drive to the Farmer’s Market for the good stuff right now!  The grits were excellent.  Being a Southern girl, I know that everyone cannot make good grits.  These grits were di-vine!  They were so creamy!  I would go back just for a biscuit and grits with nothing else.

I give this place 4 1/2 stars.  They could use some more seating.  And there was one person practically yelling at her table throughout the entire meal (that’s not the Flying Biscuit’s fault though).  I will definitley be going back.

Now if only I could get my biscuits to rise that high…

Cherry Jam Cookies

One of my favorite foodies – Joy The Baker – has posted a recipe that I’m sure will get me through the night.  I have to study for my Evolutionary Genetics test tomorrow – I’m a procrastinator… but I love to have something to occasionally distract me and munch on.  This is the perfect answer!  Just click on the link for the cookies.  I’ll post photos tomorrow! ENjoy!

Whiskey Carrots

I’m so behind on various recipes and things I’ve been doing.

I tried out Ree’s Whiskeyed Carrots for Thanksgiving. Yes, I know it’s January, but I’ve been pretending to be busy.

I turned on Al Green’s Stay With Me (by the Sea) feat John Legend, and the rest was history.


…makes my life so much better.

I went to Williams-Sonoma.  There was a sale.  New Calphalon grill pan.

Grilled Turkey Brats & Onions. Yum.

Grill Marks...

Grill Marks...

Good Eats

Just some photos of things my friends and I enjoyed over the break.